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Enrollment Solutions

Small group reviewing Benefit Enrollment options with Key Benefit Solutions

Providing the latest enrollment solutions to our clients.

In today's benefit landscape, technology is becoming more and more of a necessity. Although employees want to enroll in benefits over their computers and smartphones, there is still a majority demand for a personal touch to help them through the process. Our goal is to provide the latest enrollment solutions to our clients while still providing an experience that allows for questions to be addressed in a face-to-face setting. Our goal as a company is to make sure employees are able to get a full understanding of the entire benefits package to best align with their budget and needs.  We take pride in being an extension of the HR department providing full service just as our clients expect.

What are the key benefits from a successful enrollment?

Employers Win With:

  • A clearer communication strategy in enrolling benefits

  • Complete understanding of their benefit plans and options

  • Consistency by having the same enrollment team come each year

  • Reduced cost on many worksite enhancement plans for employees and group plans for employers

  • Reduce time spent by Human Resources personnel setting up and administering the enrollment process

  • Improved morale and employee retention

  • Better communication on hidden paycheck from a third party

  • Accurate and responsive enrollments

  • Employee and dependent audit of information

  • Reduction of paperwork

Employees Win With:

  • Better understanding their benefit options, resulting in accurate benefit selection

  • Increased appreciation of employer-provided benefits

  • Ability to ask questions in a one-on-one setting instead of the phone or guessing

  • Improved morale with an increased perception of their benefits’ true value

  • Worksite enhancement plans that feature favorable underwriting conditions

Enrollment Technology

We're happy to provide you with benefit administration platforms at no cost so that you can manage your employee's benefits with the ease of modern technology.

Employee Navigator

Need custom enrollment solutions?

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